Careers at Wallop

We work with elite brands from all over the world, with a focus on travel and hospitality. We are experts in this field, and we strive to do creative work that executes on strategic goals. We’re always looking for people who are wired to do great work. Here you’ll be provided with a comfortable work environment, creative team, room to grow, extended Christmas holidays, and a competitive wage.

Send us your resume if you qualify for any openings – but we strongly encourage you to send us your resume on a periodic basis because we always compare them against our openings. We also want to hear from you, contractors: especially designers, developers, writers, photographers, and digital marketing strategists.

(an effing good) Web Developer

Job Description

This is not a routine job posting for us, and we are definitely not looking for a routine candidate. So you might see this up for a long time. If you’re casually looking for a job and lobbing resumes over the wall, please – look elsewhere.

The truth is that we get a ton of resumes. A shit ton. Many of them are addressing the wrong company, have no cover letter, or starts with “dear hiring manager”. They get deleted. Why should we bother spending a single minute of our time looking at your resume when you haven’t spent a few minutes doing your due diligence, or care about where you work? If you don’t give a shit, we won’t either.

While the portfolio and experience takes precedence, we put a lot of weight on the quality of the resume and cover letter. And we don’t think it’s a coincidence that the people who now lead  our company were selected for interviews based on the strength of their cover letter and resume. We strive to do extraordinary work. This requires extraordinary people. And we need more.

To summarize, we want a developer that possesses these characteristics:

  • strong technical skills, with a strong desire to learn
  • you do quality work, expect and demand the same from those around you
  • ability to solve problems creatively and in a technologically agnostic way
  • strong leadership qualities
  • an effective communicator, verbally and in written form
  • when you build something or close a ticket, it always works
  • you test your work rigorously
  • you don’t work in a vacuum, and understand the realities of budgets
  • ability to think critically, and knowing when to ask
  • a desire to lead; you’re a doer and make things happen
  • you don’t expect the project manager to answer technical questions for our clients, you jump in and take initiative
  • would rather dictate and execute solutions rather than implementing what others have dictated for you
  • desire to be involved intimately in the planning and information gathering process
  • care a lot about how the technology affects the usability and conversion rate
  • have genuine empathy for clients and the impact of your work on their organization

It’s important that you have the technical skills – no doubt about it. But technical skills can be learned if you have a good foundation. On the other hand human qualities like leadership, and giving a shit, cannot. So if you feel that you have this foundation and the requisite human skills, talk to us. But if you are just looking for a job, and think “these guys do cool work”, don’t bother. It’s going to be pretty obvious in the early going that you’re not the right fit, and you’ll have wasted three months of our time and yours.

Stated simply, we’re looking for an extraordinary candidate, and not in the boilerplate-language-on-the-careers-page-of-a-big-agency-website sort of way, but genuinely so. If you want to be a cog in the wheel, working in a big agency will suit you well. In this role you will be expected to lead. You will do work that’s meaningful. You will make a lot of decisions, and you’ll have to think. So if you want to lead, work autonomously, and make a difference for the organizations that we work for, we should talk.

Please include a cover letter with your salary expectations. Benefits include extended health and dental. Two weeks holidays to start in addition to roughly two weeks during our studio closure over christmas. If you need a day off here and there to deal with life or to hit an epic powder day during the week, no sweat. Bring your dog to work if you like. Sorry no cats.

We provide a great work environment, and we’re open to some creativity with hours and sometimes working from home, but in the interest of transparency, we do feel it’s necessary for people to be here in the flesh for effective collaboration.

Technical skills required: 

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • CSS (CSS3)
  • SASS
  • Experience developing for mobile devices
  • Experience building responsive websites
  • Ability to optimize responsive websites to perform well across various screen sizes
  • Solid understanding of performance optimization
  • Understanding of responsive design, and pixelless CSS (percentages or ems)
  • Solid debugging skills and browser based debugging tools (firebug/inspector)
  • Good grasp of data formats (JSON & XML) and AJAX
  • Experience with WordPress and customizing plugins
  • Solid problem-solving and coding skills
  • LAMP Stack development experience
  • Client-side and server-side technology
  • Version control experience (SVN + GIT)
  • Understanding of cross-browser/device compatibility
  • Experience with common Javascript frameworks
  • Charm, civility, and basic communication skills
  • Email & phone étiquette
  • At least 5 years working in an agency setting or similar

It’d be cool if you had these:

  • Basic .htaccess skills
  • Independently manage multiple projects with minimal supervision
  • Experience with development frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap
  • Functional knowledge of web standards, usability, and best practices
  • Know your way around a Mac
  • Know your way around Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Knowledge of SEO basics and tracking
  • Experience with social media API’s

Please send a link to your portfolio, or the three latest projects you have worked on referenced with specifics about your role to


Contract Designer

We’re looking for a Contract Designer to help us out with overflow work and collaborate with on projects.

You will be planning and designing responsive websites in collaboration with our Creative Director. We’re looking for someone that’s equally adept at solving business problems through design as they are setting type.

The fundamentals of good design is agnostic to medium, and we prefer a contractor who is well rounded. Your work should be crafted with purpose and utility, and you will be expected to present work regularly to the internal team and clients alike. The ability to articulate ideas and communicate directly with clients is paramount.

You will be on our information gathering and discovery team, write creative summaries, assemble mood boards, build wireframes, design responsive websites, present work and collaborate with developers. You’ll often work on very interesting and unique products. You may have to stay in some of the nicest resorts in the world, but there are certainly worse things in life to ponder.

We want to make it clear that we’re not looking for a Dribbble super hero. We are looking for a person that looks at design holistically, uses it to solve real business problems, and is not bound by a single aesthetic or trend.

Please send a link to your portfolio, or the three latest projects you have worked on referenced with specifics about your role to